4 Benefits of Video Games in Education

4 Benefits of Video Games in Education

Gazans Arnaud affirms: “There is nothing more serious than a student who plays”.

While some games are criticized for the violence that characterizes them, others play a very important role in education, especially among children and adolescents. Indeed, the game develops thinking skills, improves creativity, and allows you to make decisions quickly. I will present these educational benefits in more detail.

The game improves school results.

Children who manage to stay still for hours of play have less difficulty enduring endless hours of lessons and manage to stay focused during lessons. A survey by the OECD (organization for economic coordination and development) conducted in 65 countries has shown that playing video games could develop academic skills, particularly in mathematics. Video games thus improve language learning and help to learn history. Serious games, role-playing games, puzzles, and more are excellent teaching tools in learning. Playing it allows the child to improve his language thanks to the new words he discovers. Therefore, the requirement is to integrate serious games into education.

Video game teaches us to live together.

By playing with others, we learn to share, compromise, be patient, have self-confidence, integrate into society, and share our passions with others. Through gaming, fans of MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online games), for example, create links with other players and share their experiences online. These types of games allow players to create communities and sometimes to meet.

Video games contribute to personal development.

By making us smarter, video games promote our cognitive abilities and develop our analytical minds. They allow us to gain control, create connections and to act in a social setting (70% of gamers play with friends), and to change our way of thinking. Some strategy games allow the player to analyze, to learn to see a problem from different angles, to discover other worlds, and to get into the skin of the characters. This thus develops the creative spirit and to become a good strategist. By exploring the world of games, some children are likely to be artists, and inventors (writing history, drawing, etc.)

Video games develop new skills

Some fantasy games: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, allowed me to develop my imagination and be more focused. I spent a lot of time on some games trying to finish a game and move on to the next level. This allowed me to develop my concentration to the point of creating emptiness around me. This is also the case with many gamers.

Final Words

Several studies are clearly in favor of video games. The latter occupy an important place in society and play a very big role in the education of the player. Despite some negative effects of video games, they offer a lot of benefits. The risks are low and contained, and can be avoided. Several games include learning vouchers and thus promote more effective transmission of a certain amount of knowledge. Limit the game time, grab the controllers without complex and enjoy the benefits of video games!