All Real Estate Agents Make These Mistakes When Prospecting

All Real Estate Agents Make These Mistakes When Prospecting

Telephone prospecting is the key to getting many real estate mandates. If done well, it can be one of the main pillars of your business. But be careful, the mistakes you make can cost you dearly!

Freelance real estate has concocted a nice article for you that explains the main mistakes made by real estate professionals: the 8 mistakes that prevent you from setting appointments.

1) You do not adopt a personalized speech

The #1 mistake most real estate professionals make when freelancing is not adapting to who they are talking to. How to convince with a general speech without any touch of personalization?

To be sure to adapt your speech, the ideal is to use freelance software to have as much information as possible on the property. For example, synthesizes the information found on dozens of sites for the same property. What to be well prepared before your phone prospecting call.

2) You do not adapt the tone and rate of your voice

Your tone of voice and its flow are also of paramount importance, make sure you always adapt to the rhythm of your interlocutor. If he is rather fast, or rather slow, adapt to him. Of course, always stay smiling on the phone, the smile is heard! A smile is not just a twitching mouth; it is also a sound.

3) You do not know the identity of the person called

This error is common. We often dial the number without even asking the caller if he is the owner of the property. If not, take notes so you know when to call back and schedule a task for yourself. Scheduling reminders is super easy and everything is visible in your google calendar.

4) You speak for two

A successful telephone prospection is a telephone prospection during which you listen to your prospect to understand his expectations, his situation, and his project. A good real estate agent must be a good listener. So avoid the speeches delivered at breakneck speed in which you do not even bother to catch your breath.

5) You are not transparent from the start

Many real estate agents make this mistake: fooling their prospects. Be sure to be transparent and honest from the start by explaining precisely the purpose of your call. If you plan to ask your interlocutor about the location of the property before presenting yourself, be aware that these questions are often unnecessary. With freelancing software, you can find out the location of a property before you call your interlocutor.

6) You do not differentiate yourself

Your prospect may have already been contacted several times by your competitors. Among all this competition, you will have to be able to differentiate yourself: then promote your innovative services or highlight the proximity of your agency to the property in question.

7) You do not know how to differentiate the “no”

Some refusals are not final! To succeed in fixing appointments, you must be able to differentiate the “no”. Some may be transformed into “yes” but for that, you will have to listen to your prospect and be able to manage “after freelance”. Remember to follow your interlocutor over time via your freelance software because a refusal is never final. Schedule reminders and never give up too quickly without responding to objections.

8) You end the conversation without setting a date for a next contact

This is another common mistake. Remember that a real estate telephone prospecting call should allow you to get an appointment and not sign a mandate. If you get the wrong objective, you risk missing your real estate telephone prospecting. Follow up with a sentence like: Can I come by tomorrow at 2 p.m.? and note this appointment in your freelance real estate software. The online software has the advantage of synchronizing with your Google calendar.

Now you know the common mistakes real estate agents make. So it is up to you to get rid of these bad habits to increase your appointment rate.