How to Choose the Perfect Entertainer for Your Event?

How to Choose the Perfect Entertainer for Your Event

Who has not attended an evening where the quality of the entertainment made them waver between unease, boredom, and annoyance? Hard. However, the presenter of an event should rather raise the level of the presentation by capturing the attention with magnetism and relaying the message of the evening with aplomb. Here how to choose the perfect entertainer for your event and take into account to find the perfect master of ceremonies.

How to Choose the Perfect Entertainer for Your Event

The target audience: a vital thing for the animation of events

From the early stages of planning an event, it is to a company‘s advantage to draw up a detailed portrait of the target clientele. When the time comes to begin a reflection on the animation of the evening, she can bring out these tools created by the participants to help her in her research (Persona, socio-economic description).

The company then seeks to understand the style, the energy, and the interests of the guests: the person who will do the entertainment should be a positive reference for the target audience. It is thus necessary to bet on a personality appreciated by the participants, which represents what they are or what they aspire to be.

You will also want to consider the type of event proposed; the animation of a gala or a ceremonial evening is a very different mandate from an office party.

In a word, we always seek the perfect match between the event, the entertainment, and the target audience.

Some prerequisites of a good event host

When an organization has drawn up a list of candidates, it is important to ensure that these people have the necessary qualities to host professional or corporate events.

Assuming that these personalities are all good speakers, here are the 3 essential skills of an emcee:


The person in charge of the animation will have to manage a host of small last-minute changes in the course of the event; these “notes” will have to be integrated very quickly.


The facilitator is responsible for respecting the duration scheduled for their interventions, but also for palliating any problems that may arise during the evening. This can mean catching up on time… or “making time”.


Wonderful moments are every so often those that are captured on the fly. Creativeness is a difficult weapon, though, in an expert context, we need to avoid any confusion. The good knowledge of the subject the person who makes the animation will avoid regrettable situations.

At an event, a facilitator is the face of an organization. By starting with your target audience and considering the fundamentals of good animation, you will be able to make an informed choice.