How to Choose the Right Construction Company

How to Choose the Right Construction Company

More and more companies are offering their services in the field of construction. However, it is important to be particularly vigilant when choosing your construction company.

In addition to the financial stakes, reliability and professionalism are also important criteria to take into account in the selection of the service provider for the success of your work.

Here are our seven tips for choosing the right construction company!

The main criteria to consider when choosing a construction company

Before entrusting your construction project to a company, you must take into consideration certain essential criteria.

1. Company seniority and references

It is important to note that the older the company, the more credible its experience in the field of construction.

Do not hesitate to ask for the references of the company you are thinking of choosing. A professional company must be able to present its past achievements in order to allow its client to measure its reliability.

If the company has an ongoing construction project, you can also ask to see it. You will have the opportunity to listen to the opinion of other customers about them.

2. Recommendations from relatives

You should carefully consider the recommendations of your relatives. Indeed, many individuals choose a construction company following a recommendation from a friend or family. You should know that the quality of a construction company cannot be reduced to a single site.

If everyone around you recommends the same construction company, you can most certainly sign your contract with confidence. On the other hand, if you only have one positive opinion, it is better not to venture into this field.

3. The quote

The company’s estimate must imperatively be made on the basis of plans. These must be drawn up by a third party (architect or design office), because without this, the conflict of interest is obvious!

To win the market for the construction of your house, the contractor has every interest in reducing the necessary materials, at the risk of “under sizing” important elements.

Plans are essential to allow you to compare quotes on the same basis, among other things.

4. Legal status

The legal status of the chosen company can play in the balance. A house building contractor is often under the status of craftsman, in his own name. This means that he signs on his behalf and is accountable to you. You therefore have recourse in the event of an unexpected work stoppage.

This is not the case if you contract with a general construction company under the SARL regime. This one would fall, in fact, in liquidation just at the time of your building site.

5. The financial situation

It is important to check the registration of the company in the commercial register and to check its SIRET/SIREN number to make sure of its financial situation (bankruptcy, liquidation, etc.). These numbers must be present on the quotes drawn up.

6. The quality label

This last point is optional. Indeed, you should not rule out a construction company that seems serious, if it does not have a quality label. Few general construction companies take the step of asking for it, especially since it is not free.

All these labels do not mean the same thing and do not have the same value. As a general rule, prefer a label issued by a public body. In any case, do not hesitate to go to the site of the said label to find out more.

7. The ten-year guarantee

Check that the company has a ten-year guarantee to cover the structural work. This insurance provides coverage for all damage occurring after completion of the work over a period of ten years.

Once all your checks have been made, your choice will be more certain. A site that starts on a relationship of trust is a site that starts off on the right foot.

Why take great care in choosing your construction company?

For your work to be carried out with increased quality while respecting the budget and the schedule, you must choose your construction company carefully. Indeed, not all construction companies are the same.

Be aware that your service provider must offer comprehensive services:

Manage the obtaining of building permits and any other specific administrative procedure concerning the work to be carried out,

  • Ensure the hiring and supervision of subcontractors,
  • Check the use of designers and architects,
  • Carry out the planning of examinations and/or inspections.

These responsibilities require proven knowledge and extensive experience in the building sector.

If you do not take into account the previously mentioned criteria, you simply risk turning your construction dream into a real nightmare.

Choosing the right construction company for your project therefore requires considering all the important parameters in order to achieve quality and lasting results.

Frequently asked questions to choose the right construction company

What are the criteria to consider when choosing a construction company?

To choose your construction company, it is important to take into consideration the seniority of the company, its legal status, its solvency, but also its references.

Should the estimate be taken into account when choosing a construction company?

Yes, it is pretty significant to compare some quotes. Beware of overly attractive offers that sometimes hide risky reductions, but the most expensive quote is no guarantee of quality either. It is advisable to read carefully all the offers which must be very precise and not present gray areas.