How to Make a Man Run After You

How to Make a Man Run After You

How to make a man run after you? During an evening, at work, or in the street, you met or simply spotted a man you like. Also, you want to seduce or charm this attractive strong man. But how to seduce this seducer? What to do to please him and make him succumb? You wonder about the techniques of seduction to adopt to attract the attention of men and in particular how to make a man fall in love. You would like to look like this seductress capable of charming a man and even seducing the greatest number. What process of seduction should we put in place so that the man we want to seduce, falls in love and runs after you?

Let’s look at how to attract a man to make him addicted and madly in love. First of all, you need a minimum prerequisite. That is to say that you must arouse in this man a minimum of attraction and interest. Because if this man has no interest in you and he doesn’t even judge you as a potential sexual partner, you have no chance of establishing a relationship with this man.

So what to do to seduce a man? How to lure this attractive being into your nets? You would quickly like to attract his attention. But how to crack a man to whom you feel attraction? How do I get him to run after me? you ask yourself.

3 things to do to get a man chasing you

Show your uniqueness

The first thing to do is to show that you are unique. You must differentiate yourself by your authenticity, your character, your independence, etc. This uniqueness must stand out to bring him to be interested in you. Let’s say that what most attracts him to you is this singular, special side of your personality.

I pause for two seconds to take stock. When I tell you to show that you have character, that does not mean, ladies, to be a pain in the ass or boring. It is only setting limits according to your values ​​or what you consider acceptable for yourself. In other words, it’s all about respecting each other. Often, you think you show character when in reality you are just annoying and boring. If you’re boring your man will leave!

Nevertheless, not saying amen to everything and all the time is to respect yourself. To make you understand the nuance, I will take an example. Throwing a tantrum because your man is going out without you is annoying. On the other hand, if your man gets into the habit of going out every night without you, tell him: “stop”. Then, explain to him that his behavior does not correspond to your notion of the couple, there it is to be respected. Do you see the difference?

Your independence for a man to run after you

Also when I say independence, that does not mean snubbing this man. But it is not making your happiness depend on one person. It means maintaining a certain autonomy in one’s search for happiness. I often tell you ladies, you are the cake and this man will be just the icing to complete your happiness.

Giving responsibility for your happiness to a person, first of all, is giving them too much responsibility. Thus, by dint of showing him your incompleteness, the person will flee. Secondly, if this man accepts this incompleteness and your emotional dependence, he will not know what to do with it to ensure your happiness. It is you alone who build this well-being and contribute to your plenitude, not this man. That is why you need to have a full life to make this man want to join you. You must arouse the desire to come and share a life in which you have activities, hobbies, outings, etc. With such a program, you lead a full life that brings you emotional independence. Finally, this man will be the icing on the cake of your happiness and not the other way around. This brings me to the second thing.

Assume his celibacy

It is to assume his celibacy. You are a quality person who does not seek to attract men or to hook up with the first comer. Moreover, during a first date when you ask this person if he has been single for a while, you can tell based on his answer what type of person you have to do.

If the answer is positive it means that she places the word couple above her happiness, that the word couple is the cake and that person is only the icing. These are also the people who often go from failure to failure because they wrongly think that the couple will bring them the happiness that is missing in their lives. But it’s the opposite, be happy in your life and you will see that sentimental happiness will happen very quickly.

Assume that it is better to be alone than in bad company. Assuming this celibacy will give you more value than saying I’m sad to be single and I would so much like to find someone, etc… These plaintive reflections, keep them for your girlfriends!

But your strength of seduction is to have a full life, to be a woman of quality who does not demand herself or who does not seek the completeness of the other to be happy.

How to make a man run after you?

Don’t put a man on a pedestal

Your assets of seduction must give you enough self-confidence to hope to effectively approach a man, catch his eye and manage to seduce this man. So don’t put this man on a pedestal. Far from pleasing, this reduces your chances of seducing.

Also, I repeat, life is not binary. So, don’t say as I often hear in coaching: “I’m going to snub him”. When you want to seduce a person, it’s not all or nothing that makes it possible to seduce better. The way to seduce a man is to put yourself on the same level of interest as the latter.

Indeed, if your slider on the scale of interest is at nine, while the slider of this flirty or that shy man is only at 6 or 7, how do you expect him to run you after? It’s impossible! So, we moderate the signs of affection, the compliments and we manage his body language so as not to show him too much eagerness.

Even if your attachment is important, you go back down a little and you don’t show yourself to be acquired too quickly. The idea is to get on the same level to accompany him in this ascent. On the other hand, you can alternate flirting techniques which are similar to “hot and cold”. Or more precisely send him signs of interest and disinterest to make him understand that you appreciate him but that he will also have to deserve you.

Spending quality time for a man to chase after you

You can learn to seduce at any age and in any circumstances. But, it is obvious that to seduce a man more, you have to spend quality time with this man around key notions such as complicity, discussion, and of course laughter.

Laughter helps to relax the atmosphere, gives the authorization to get closer physically, and thus makes it possible to conquer the confidence of the partner and forge links. In a word, your attempts at seduction, show that you are attractive and different from other women. Do activities, a dancing aperitif, for example, or an original activity.

The main thing is to show him that with you, life is cool! I know, ladies, that you tend to want to padlock the romantic relationship. But allow yourself time for discovery. Don’t forget the masculine essence is freedom and therefore the more you want to lock a man up in a relationship the more he will want to escape from it.

Those who want to seduce must understand men, and know a little about male psychology. So, to keep a man, leave the notion of a couple aside for the moment. Take advantage of the present moment by favoring complicity with laughter and quality moments.

Leave space between you

And finally for the seduction to operate and for a man to run after you, he must feel free, at least not feel suffocated, restrained. You have to understand that some men need a certain freedom. In any case, guys can feel cramped in a romantic relationship that does not offer them enough space to be comfortable.

This is why you are going to have to leave space between yourselves to create a lack and arouse in this man the desire to see you again. Here, there’s no need to play “flee me, I will follow you”, which is a bit childish to my taste. But do not try to see each other every day. You must show him that you accept his need to keep his sphere. Besides, it is good to make the one you are trying to conquer languish a little.

So go on with your life, because your most precious asset, ladies, is your time. So do not stop all your activities, and do not leave your social circle to see this beautiful Apollo. To have a chance of pleasing, apply my advice and do yourself a little and I did say desire a little.