The Basics of a Feminine Wardrobe

The Basics of a Feminine Wardrobe

The base of a feminine wardrobe ought to be the result of good planning. Some women can indeed afford to wear clothes from top designers for a tenth of the price of clothes. So why does not look more like a million-dollar outfit?

Because these women do not plan their purchases and buy in haste. Their colors, fabrics, and accessories are not as coordinated as they could be. Their wardrobe is not carefully chosen for their lifestyle and therefore not appropriate for their social and/or professional situation. In other words, they have clothes, but not a suitable wardrobe.


A dressing room must above all be composed of a series of coordinated clothes, which adapt to the seasons, 12 months a year and 24 hours a day.

A carefully planned wardrobe will provide any woman, regardless of her lifestyle, with a minimum number of clothes suitable for any occasion (professional or not).


Knowing how to compose your wardrobe will allow you to always have something to wear, whether it is for a job interview, a cocktail party, or a romantic dinner.


A dressing room is perfect when every missing or worn piece is quickly replaced. Buying a new basic to complete your wardrobe should be done carefully, putting the price tag on quality fabric and a beautifully finished garment.

There is no point in getting a basic suit coat or jacket by investing as little as possible. Indeed, these essential clothes are supposed to last over time, since you will have to wear them often. It is therefore wiser to put the price on clothes that will be worn for several years in a row.

Nevertheless, it is normal that certain pieces are declined according to the seasons. It will then be necessary to obtain different fabrics, more or less thick, to be able to adapt your outfits over the seasons.

However, it should be kept in mind that the vocation of the basics of a feminine wardrobe does not consist of a particular style. They consist of lasting over time to easily mix your outfits with the same bases. These are the other pieces that will constitute your style and your favorites.


The basics have no season and go through the ages without difficulty.

Fashionistas can earn this appellation only when their wardrobe is made up of enough basic clothes.

Even if your eye is caught by the latest trend of the moment and makes you want to rush at it, remember that giving in to these kinds of temptations could lead you straight to a financial pit. Trends, subject to “fast fashion”, vary so often, that in the excitement and this feeling of racing against the rise, you will quickly be trapped. So be careful and curb your fashion impulses for the benefit of your wallet!


Printed dresses, red shoes, or the latest trendy jacket can be some of the bad investments you can make if you have not invested in a feminine wardrobe of basic clothes beforehand.

Before giving way to temptation, ask yourself a few questions: “Will this purchase suit my usual style? Will it still be fashionable in a few months? Will it match the rest of my clothes? Will it fit in as well with my style and daily obligations?

If you give in to your urges and buy an item just because it once appealed to you with its trendy style, and not because it is usable, you may regret it once you get home.

The same is true if you do not pay attention to its fabric and finishes. Suppose you fall for a $10 sweater, telling yourself that it will be welcome for this winter. After wearing and washing it only a few times, you will find that it pills, shrinks, or loses its shape. So at this rate, you will quickly have to pay tens of tens of euros for several rooms.

Then compare this sweater with other clothes stored for years in your closet. You will be surprised to find that you only wear a piece a few times before it gets too worn out to pair with other outfits.

Good quality basics will not only keep you comfortable day after day and season after season, but they will also save you a lot of money.

So invest in the clothes you will wear regularly, both at work and on your more casual outings.

Find ingenious ways to invest correctly by having the possibility of mixing your outfits endlessly and having looks that can adapt to several different occasions.

Good taste cannot be bought, unlike good fabrics and beautiful finishes. If you want to spend smart, then spend every penny where quality matters. Buying better quality will allow you to enjoy yourself longer.

Finally, the three points to keep in mind for a properly composed wardrobe of basic clothes are:

Color: the basic colors are black, brown, and navy blue. Opting for beige or gray is also a good alternative.

The fabric:  make sure to invest in fibers that will allow you to wear your clothes all year round.

The style:  to see a very stylish garment is good, but which responds to a basic is better.