There is no perfect season when it comes to weddings. This is what we say before we are told that it is raining on D-Day and that we are planning to get married outside. Or that your best friend who lives in New York can’t travel in the middle of January. So which season do you prefer? Remember that whatever the season, your wedding will remain an unforgettable event for you, your family, and your loved ones.


Summer is undoubtedly the star of the season for weddings. The main advantage is, of course, the good weather! For tanned wedding photos, light outfits, and a beautiful outdoor setting, bet on July and August. In addition, your guests will always be more relaxed than in winter. Do not forget that the sun also shines in hearts. If you are having a country or outdoor wedding, the long days and beautiful sunsets will allow you to enjoy the scenery. Also, it will allow you to continue on a honeymoon and a romantic honeymoon. It is also the season for your wedding dress to be made of a fluid, light, and vaporous fabric. And above all, we love the costume with the sunglasses!


The leaves turn brown and the climate is more pleasant. You are neither hot nor cold, you are fine. Possibly rainy, autumn always presents more risks than summer but you are also less hot! Unlike in the summer, the providers are freer and more focused on your wishes and requests.


With the return of sunny days, the temperature is not yet very high, and nature gives birth to wonders. The trees are regaining their colors and nature is on the alert, like you! Service providers’ prices are much more affordable than in summer, and the air is much more pleasant. Plus, your guests will be ready for the festivities! Spring is undoubtedly the season of flowers. Level decoration and bouquet you will be served! Spring is undeniably one of the most advantageous seasons for getting married.


Winter is not so successful considering that summer is the favorite season for lovers. But at least during this period, you do not check the weather every day. And that is less stress. For a cozier and warmer atmosphere, and above all on a budget level, a wedding in winter also has its charm. But above all, its intimate atmosphere and the snow that is sometimes invited to the wedding make us switch to a passionate atmosphere.

A wedding planner invites itself in all seasons… Come and take a look at the selection of gold rings and wedding bands designed especially for you.